Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution (also commonly referred to as Alternate Dispute Resolution or ADR) is a process that encourages parties in conflict to take a more active role in finding mutually beneficial and lasting solutions. Organizations of all sizes benefit from this process because it helps:

Artemis Consultants provide the following ADR services:


We conduct impartial conflict assessments and provide you with options, helping the parties in conflict address their unresolved issues.

We also develop a list of recommendations to help you work with your employees to set terms for restoring a harmonious workplace — helping to prevent future destructive behaviour.


Individualized coaching is available for cases where an employee has a workplace conflict. It is also available for cases where an employee is caught in the middle of a conflict involving others. Coaching may be required as a result of issues arising from a conflict assessment, as part of a mediation agreement, or as a result of a rights-based process. After the coaching sessions are over, Artemis Consultants will recommend next steps, including any follow-up or support that may be required regarding the affected employee or work unit.

Facilitated discussions

Our facilitators work with parties in conflict to reach an understanding or agreement that addresses their issues or problems. This process is less formal than a mediation session and can be used when there are two or more parties in dispute.


As impartial mediators we help parties in conflict to resolve their disputes in ways that meet their needs. A mediation session generally lasts three hours and can be held during or after working hours.


A complaint that escalates to a lawsuit can easily cost from $50,000 to $100,000 and can take three to five years to settle.
- National Post, March 2003